Day trip destinations and walks:

Hikes / walking tracks:

  • To Tratzberg Castle (1 km) through forest

  • To Benediktinerabtei St. Georgenberg*

(Walking time approx. 1,5 hours from Seminarhof -

  • Through the Wolfsklamm*

(Track from Stans to St. Georgenberg includes 345 steps -

  • Along the Achensees


  • Mountain walks


  • Around the Raintaler Lake in Kramsach

(‎ -

Day trips in the area::

  • Tratzberg Castle, 100 m above Seminarhaus

(500 year old renaissance castle - guided tours in 8 languages -

  • Swarovski Crystal World, Wattens

  • Curiosity Museum, Kramsach

  • Farm Museum, Kramsach

  • Steamtrain to Achensee

  • Silvermine Museum in Schwaz

  • Old city of Innsbruck
  • Altstadt von Rattenberg


Further information:

Hiking tips

To St. Georgenberg

A visit to the Tratzberg Castle can easily be combined with a beautiful walk to the well known pilgrim church St. Georgenberg, ideal for families and schools.


Circular track Stans - Schloss Tratzberg - St. Georgenberg

(Stans village - old church - Tratzberg - from here west via Durrach - Heuberg - Rossweid - St. Georgenberg - back to Stans via the Wolfsklamm or Weng)


  • Ascent and descent: approx. 400 m
  • Walking time: approx. 5 hours
  • Short cut: by car to Schlosswirt Tratzberg, from there take the Tratzberg-Express to the castle - castle tours from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm - walk from Tratzberg via Georgenberg to Stans

From Stans to Tratzberg and back to Heuberg, the track takes you 200-300 m above the Inn Valley, on gently rising, easy forest paths. Good walking shoes are necessary, mountain boots if walking via the Wolfsklamm.

This walk takes you mainly on forest paths and roads, through stretching fields and pastures to two significant places of culture (St. Georgenberg and Tratzberg) and offers beautiful views of the Inn Valley and alpine ranges


From Stans to Tratzberg

Starting point Stans village centre.

Next to the old church (at the eastern village exit) start off in a northern direction - past the sawmill - toward the forest edge (signs to Tratzberg forest track).

At the last house you'll find a wide forest tractor track, slowly climbing to the east. At a forest clearing a walking track forks off to the right (green sign: Tratzberg).

After approx. 30 Minuten from the edge of the forest in Stans the track forks. The right hand side takes you down to the Schlosswirt. We take the path to the left (sign: Schloss Tratzberg), through the leafy forest to a game feeding place. There the foot path meets the tractor road, leading gently down to the castle. Walking time from the village centre of Stans is approx. 1 hour.


From Tratzberg to St Georgenberg

Starting point for return - Tratzberg Castle.

Take the forest track. After approx. 20 minutes from the game feeding place the path inclines around two bends. After the gate the fork in the track becomes visible: down toward Stans, or up to the right toward Durrach (green sign: St. Georgenberg).

After crossing the ditch after about 10 minutes you reach the fields of Durrach. The track leads upwards to the right towards a farmhouse. Just before the house branch off to the right again, walk along the edge of the field and arrive at a forest path.

Here one crosses a ditch with trees (the stream is usually dry in summer) to the fields of Heuberges on the other side.

From Durrach to Heuberg approx. 30 minutes. At the Heuberg farm continue to the right across open terrain. At the fork in the path take the path straight on (blue sign: St. Georgenberg) reaching the upper edge of the Heuberg fields. Continue in a western direction to the Rossweide farmhouse. From here the tower of St. Georgenberg is visible.

Below the farmhouse the steep path takes you across a wooden bridge, meeting up with the road to St. Georgenberg. One last climb, and you're at St. Georgenberg. From Tratzberg Castle approx. 2 1/2 walking time to the pilgrim place.


From St. Georgenberg back to Stans

(via Wolfsklamm or Weng carpark)

From St. Georgenberg cross the bridge following the track down. Directly where the two streams join (approx. 10 minutes from St. Georgenberg) there are two ways to get down into the valley.

Either take the steep way through the Wolfsklamm to the village centre of Stans, approx. 1 hour (good walking shoes necessary), or the wider tractor track towards Weng. Just before the Weng carpark fork off to the left to walk alongside the fields down to Stans (green sign: Stans).


Further hiking tips:

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